Saturday, October 09, 2004
so many ants in front of me right now. ick. thank god they're the kind black ants, and not the vicious red ones. it's not that bad, but still, their presence annoys me.

my brother and i watched the concert of alicia keys last night. we only found out we were watching at the last minute, that's why it was kinda surreal, especially when she first appeared to us. i had goosebumps all over. she's sooo aliw. her rapport with the audience was fantastic. :) a wish come true for my brother who desperately wanted to watch that event.

on other stories... angel is nanny-less. being nannyless at his super-likot stage isn't really my idea of fun, but nonetheless, i guess it only means having more QT with angel.... :P

and then... what now? i have a couple of major projects due this week and it's time to get started on them.

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Wednesday, September 22, 2004
+++ wha? +++

time flies so fast. imagine this...

- it feels only yesterday i had my braces adjusted for the month of august, but now i'm in pain because i had my adjustment for this month a few hours ago

- it feels only yesterday when i first saw angel, yet today, he turns nine months... :)

- it feels only yesterday i had been blogging and ranting about my first day in school, yet yesterday, it was my first day again... but this time, into the second trim!

just sharing. :)

change of topic..

i want to go out of town again. on friday night na!!! before things become toxic again. this time, some place farther, like baguio or amanpulo (dream on...) maybe. once glance at my new sched is enough to leave one saying 'e kelan ka pa matutulog niyan?' ...

nursing school ain't that bad... yet. i mean, as of now, i understand the lessons, my performance on my practicals are good... sure, coz it's still happening within the school... but i wonder if it'll remain that way, once the hospital setting kicks in? which is not too far away, i heard... (january). i hope so. nowadays, you ain't got nothing to lose by hoping for the best.

pero the whole idea seems exciting, no matter how toxic they make it sound... this career-change for me, it's major kasi. and i've been rejected lotsa times by different people (employers, friends, potential because of my previous career, and as mean as it may sound, it's true. wala daw kasing kwenta yung ginagawa ko for a living before...

i mean i know i don't have to please anyone, but with angel and all in tow, you'd realize they're right. there is no friggin way i could give angel a fluorescent bright future without a career change, because with my old jobs, i could barely support myself, regardless of what currency i was earning then. my salary was just right for one person, enough to pay the rent and bills, and buy me food. if i had a car, there would be none more left for extras like clothes (winterwear!!! it gets friggin cold...), or the basics like shampoo, etc. :)

so much for my sentiments... good day y'all!

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Sunday, September 19, 2004
+++ huwaaaaaaaaaaaah +++

i just wanted to rant that... my system is unable to handle the SIMS 2, which came out recently, because i could not meet the system requirements... my machine only has 128MB SDRAM. waaaaaaah....

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+++ wyeth mendoza: the master at work +++

look everyone! it's my mentor at work, once again. this person has taught me a lot of work-related, must-know-or-else-disappear-from-the-face-of-the-planet stuff...!

his ideas are sooo out-of-the-box. hay. sana ako din maging as good as he is. he never fails to impress me with his work.

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Saturday, September 18, 2004
+++ the so-called sem-break +++

who would've thought the last few days of this week-long sem-break would turn out to be the craziest??!

the madness began on thursday evening, when we took that trip to tagaytay. pakshet, our crazy adventure-seeking daredevil of a driver takes the canlubang/silangan exit, which one of our classmates would call the Calabarzon, (a junction for about four areas/provinces)... anyway, that so-called road happened to be 'tapunan ng mga pinapatay', 'aswang'-infested, and apparently had a lot of negative energy in it due to the violent history of the place (people were forced off their land by Imelda Marcos, because she wanted to develop the place... or the coffee industry goin on there).. so there. BUT WE DIDN'T KNOW THAT.

included among the freaky things we encountered when our mad designated driver pursued the "adventurous" path were a stark ghost town, dead-end roads, a narrow, zig-zag road leading directly to an eerie WHITE MANSION w/c was candlelit (actually one candle lang.. wala talagang lights), and which stood in the middle of nowhere, THICK THICK THICK FOG which caused the driver difficulty, despite the fact that he already had his fog lamps turned ON, STEEP CLIFFS, and so much more...! and all these were happening at 8pm in the evening. sooo freakin dark, and among the four of us, only my cell phone had signal.

sumkinda 'shake rattle and roll' moment talaga for me, and i was praying hard that our vehicle would not break down in front of the freaking MANSION 'coz there would be no way i would be getting down and spending the night in that house. taena! if that had happened, i would've killed the one driving.

my friend, sugar, who's usually cool and composed, was panicking and became hysterical at one point when she realized that her window was opened. it wouldn't close because the one driving had locked all the windows, thinking they were all up na. i swear, i'd never thought i'd hear blood-curling shrieks from her, til that moment.

ayaw ko na!!!! hehehe i'm never going back there. when we got to tagaytay (by the way, we emerged by the palace in the sky na!), we noticed that the road we took was supposedly 'blocked' because of a sign that was blocking a part of our path. pakshet. bawal pala talaga siyang daanan! haaaay. pahamak talaga yung nag-d-drive.

friday's highlight.. MEGA-BONDING WITH DEO! lol

first, it was meeting up with deo and the girls (e-andie and val) at chocolate kiss in UP... after the hefty merienda, e-andie stayed in UP, we took val home, then deo and i headed to the mall to play bowling (I SUCK AT IN NA!!!!!!!!).... and yes, do some grocery-shopping (for the party we will be having the ff night)!!!! o diba uber-bonding????

and finally... the class party last night. everyone was drunk except for me and another classmate... even our adviser showed up, and he drank too! actually, nilalasing nila si adviser... but the poor fella had work pa afterwards (yes, he's our teacher during the day, and at night, he works for a call center.. walang tulugan ito diba?????).. actually he was begging to be spared kasi sasagot pa daw siya ng mga calls.. LOL

it was a fun party. camwhore mode nanaman kami. picture-taking the whole night. pot-luck. i brought lasagna. someone brought brownies from becky's kitchen!!!!!!!! i took home the whole box. sorry na lang sila! LOL

later ulit! :)

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Wednesday, September 15, 2004
+++ the camwhores +++

before the funny adventure begins, can i just share that i frikkin passed anatomy and physiology?! i just wanted to let the whole world know because i studied so hard for that subject. it may seem simple to most of you guys, but it ain't to me, having this problem with retaining things in my memory... :)

so there...

after submitting my lab manual at school this morning, the whole clan headed to powerplant mall, to meet up with my tita mina, her friend, and my good friend, k. after having lunch (thanks again k!), angel and missy had their pictures taken in the mall, and the shots came out too adorable for words. ang babata pa lang, ang gagaling na mag-project ha! lalo na si missy. she is such a camwhore, i swear. :)

after that we headed home, only to find that the streets were flooded once again. pakshet diba? good thing medyo high ng konti yung street namin, or else, we wouldn't be able to get off the van... unless we wade in the flood. Leptospirosis, is that you?

i might go to tagaytay later. i want to go to tagaytay later. please please, i could use a trip away from manila. anything for a vacation or a trip out of manila. the city is getting on my nerves for now. ugh.

oh and how about... nag-earthquake kaninang madaling araw? yes! intensity 4... but i was too groggy to care. manitka. hehe :)

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Tuesday, September 14, 2004
+++ Not Sooo Sem-breakin +++

E-andie and I spent the whole frikkin' day answering the Anatomy Lab Manual Exercises! Watda%#$@?! Definitely not my idea of how to spend the week-long sem-break... but knowing E-Andie, that ain't her cup o' tea either! Dr. D, our Ana prof, is obviously punishing us.. hehe. What did we do this time? (Okay, okay, not just us... but everyone else in class)

And tomorrow, I have to go back there just to frikkin' submit it. I've wasted three whole days of the vacation just by going back and forth to my teeny-tiny school. Hay.

Yesterday, an old classmate found me on Friendster. He added me, sent me a msg, and the message exchanging hasn't stopped since. That's one of the things I like about that site. You bump and get to talk to people whom you've been wondering about (What has happened to this person, or I wonder what Blahblahblah does for a living now.. yknow). It feels good to be exchanging hello's with these people once again.

Then, the ironic thing is... I hate Friendster for the same reason I'm loving it... You just really find these long-lost people... including 'ghosts' from my past, who show up and send the 'hey do you still remember me' messages! I saw a couple of people who literally gave me goosebumps. What?! Is there no escaping them anymore? I didn't add them. I won't. And I hope they don't add me. :)

I saw my ex's daughter's picture (she's just a bit younger than Angel)... Wala lang. I called our helper, Aling Fely (who alse knew the EX), and showed it to her. We both agreed that she didn't look like him. Don't get me wrong... the kid is uber-adorable! :) I just don't see HIM in her (I guess that should be good news for the kid? hehehe)

Howell... later na lang ulit

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Sunday, September 12, 2004
+++ Where do my titles go? +++

Gloomy and quiet Sunday afternoon... came home from Lola's house, where I brought home like a HUGE pile of chismis magazines.. heheh because I don't want to be bored to tears here at home. Saw my Tita Chary, who's company I miss so much. She's like, my coolest tita. Cool, very kalog. I'm so glad I saw her earlier, even if only for a short time.

Water Therapy aka Starvation starts tonight. Wish me luck. :)

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